Intuitive Psychic Medium 
        Metaphysical Life Coach
                Spiritual Teacher

Sabrina Webb
Psychic Reading
A psychic reading is useful for those whom are wanting a deeper look into the underlying workings at play in life situations. Sabrina specializes in a unique style of psychic work where the spirit world reveals patterns that contribute to ongoing circumstances. She also looks for the solutions and offers guidance to help you navigate whatever is coming up in the near future. 
Sabrina Webb Psychic Medium Services
I offer a wide variety of services including psychic readings, as well as  coaching & ritual empowerment sessions. Some of these sessions are in person and others are phone based services. 

Coaching & Ritual Empowerment Session
​A coaching & ritual empowerment session is helpful to those with big goals who want to connect to the spiritual world to assist with breakthroughs in areas where one feels stuck. Sabrina will use her knowledge of ceremonies of transformation and her psychic gifts to give you the best insight and customized ritual for your desires to manifest with much more ease and grace. 


Firstly, please accept my gratitude for your service. 

Secondly, please accept this small token of appreciation and use the code VETERAN for 50% off any service I offer. This is the least I can do to say that you are deeply respected for what you have done for us. 

Lastly, thank you for your service.