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Sabrina Webb
Meditation to Ground, Center & Sheild
This 44 minute guided meditation leads you on a journey that helps protect your energy from unwanted, negative influences from many outside sources. You will learn:
*grounding to calm your energy 
*keys to help you step back into empowerment
*centering into your core divine truth
*creating a non-negotiable love center
*shielding your energy 
*simple yet potent metaphysical boundary work

This meditation will teach you how to tap into the power of this ancient art of grounding, centering and shielding and use it whenever you feel out of sorts, unfocused or overly tired and drained from others. 

Sabrina Webb Psychic Medium Products
Let Sabrina Webb be your Meditation Guide. These meditations are designed to help you incorporate the practice of meditation into your life. Longer meditations help you develop a deeper understanding of the journey of meditation. Daily Practice Meditations help you to create the habit of meditation with the help of an experienced guide. 
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