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Welcome to Sabrina Webb Intuitive Psychic Medium
Hey Y'all! My name is Sabrina Webb and I am actually super happy that you made your way here. I'm thrilled to tell you a little bit about me and my business. First off, I know you have questions about me and the services I offer cause after all  I'm psychic. Just playin! But seriously, I get it. I aim to answer those questions as best I can here. So let's cut to the chase and jump in.

I am an intuitive and I give readings to people. I use my psychic gifts to help answer questions by either channeling directly from spirit, or perhaps from the dearly departed or even by using tools of the trade. I love tools like the tarot cards, oracle cards or even looking at your palm cause being a hillbilly mystical kinda girl .... it really is sorta like my thing - but if you don't want cards don't sweat it. We don't have to use them. You can record your readings if you decide to get a session with me.  And I do recommend you take notes.

I absolutely love doing readings for people. I typically spend the first part of the session giving you the messages and then the second part of the session answering and clarifying for you. I am pretty flexible about it though as many people really like to ask questions right up front. It is my intention that you get what you came for which is answers. No psychic is perfect just like no other profession is flawless. I do my very best to insure you get a great, high quality reading in a comfortable setting. It is important to me that you leave a reading feeling good, being clear about what spirit is communicating and feeling empowered to take positive action in your life. 

Intuitive Psychic Readings are 1 hour sessions. Plan for about an hour. You can book for in person, phone or skype sessions. The cost is : $60

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